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Omega Watches New Collection

When Bagg came out of the locker room, he was wearing it.

Omega Watches New Collection

"I can tell you exactly what tomorrow is going to bring," said Bagg. "I did work out pretty hard over the Fendi Backpack Ebay

Omega Watches New Collection

weekend while the guys were gone, and I didn have a blow up or anything."

"They are a little restrictive, but a small price to play immediately," said Bagg.

Omega Watches New Collection

Omega Watches New Collection

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"It his pain toleration and how well he functions with a having a past injury," said Chamblin.

Omega Watches New Collection

Throughout the season the Riders coaching staff has been pretty cautious when it comes to injuries and bringing guys back into the line up, we seen it with Geroy Simon, Jock Sanders, Sam Hurl to name a few. While certainly the medical and coaching staffs will do their due diligence on Bagg, but there is a chance Bagg could play.

´╗┐Rob Bagg returns to practice

As he returned to the field, Bagg did so with something he never had before, a brace on his injured knee. Bagg didn have it the moment he came Omega Watches New Collection out, but a trainer did come out after stretch to give Bagg his brace.

The ball was the focus of individual drills on Wednesday. The offense and kick returners worked on ball control, while the defense and kicker worked on ball recovery.

It was rumoured on the weekend, he was at practice on Wednesday, and defensive back Tristan Jackson signing was made official after practice

he had to feel out the first few times he ran on Wednesday, especially with the brace, but he feels fine overall.

Bagg certainly wants to play, but he trusts the coaching staff to make the right decision at the end of the day.

Omega Watches New Collection

Omega Watches New Collection

What may stop Bagg from playing is how the knee responds to practice, but Bagg is feeling pretty confident.

When you go through injuries like Bagg has, sometimes the mental hurdles can be the tougher ones to clear, but Bagg is feeling pretty confident about that as well. He admits Fendi Studded Pouch

Omega Watches New Collection

Omega Watches New Collection

While many have called Bagg the toughest guy on the team when it comes to pain tolerance Bagg doesn quite agree with that, adding guys like Weston Dressler are just as tough, if not tougher than he is.

"It always tougher to say, yes or no early in the week," said head coach Corey Chamblin. "As the week goes along I be able to make a more educated guess on where he be on game day."

Omega Watches New Collection

While Bagg did look pretty good in practice, if he play or not against the Blue Bombers is still up in the air.

While Bagg did practice, a number of players did not, Jock Sanders, Sam Hurl, Dwight Anderson, Chris Best and Eron Riley all didn practice. After practice Chamblin said Anderson was given the day off because of that foot injury he suffered early in the game against Edmonton.

Bagg will be wearing the Brace when he returns to the field. As for the brace itself, Bagg feels fairly comfortable wearing it, adding that he notices it more when he comes off the field.

Omega Watches New Collection

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