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Omega Seamaster Deville Quartz

"Is there a limit on oil?" asked Al Antinarelli, of Wilmington, as he stopped in at the Tewksbury Post Office. "Same type of thing."

Omega Seamaster Deville Quartz

Danny McIntyre of Tyngsboro planned ahead so he wouldn't have to deal with higher stamp prices. He came to the Tewksbury Post Office Saturday to stock up, buying four booklets of forever stamps, which retain their value for first class postage regardless of future rates.

currently available Omega Seamaster Deville Quartz to the Postal Service to align costs and revenues, increasing postage prices is a last resort that reflects extreme financial challenges," Board of Governors Chairman Mickey Barnett wrote in a letter to Card Holder Fendi

"Because my family is so spread out, I have to keep in contact with them.

postal customers.

Omega Seamaster Deville Quartz

still sending them mail almost constantly.

Omega Seamaster Deville Quartz

Omega Seamaster Deville Quartz

"I don't think it's the same," Thomas said as she picked up her mail at the Wilmington post office Saturday morning. "If someone took the time to write out my name, that means they're thinking of me."

"It's a shame that the prices are going up, but what are you going to do?"

Omega Seamaster Deville Quartz

Omega Seamaster Deville Quartz

A framed stamp from about 1999 shows the cost of a stamp to be 33 cents, on display at the post office on Father Morrissette Boulevard in Lowell on Saturday afternoon. SUN/Ashley Green

Omega Seamaster Deville Quartz

To Rodriguez and others who prefer to send their letters the old fashioned way, the personal touch is worth the extra few cents.

She said she buys her mother the rolls of 100 stamps and sends them to her so she doesn't have to worry about buying them. Rodriguez said she has no plans to stop sending things in the mail.

Omega Seamaster Deville Quartz

Antinarelli said he uses the postal service frequently his wife likes to send a lot of greeting cards. While he can't imagine entirely stopping, he said higher prices might cause them to cut back on mail.

Thomas said she'd never make the switch to e cards or otherwise move her correspondence all online, regardless of stamp price increases like the one scheduled to take effect next month.

Next year's pricing changes are intended to generate $2 billion in incremental annual revenue, helping the USPS combat a "precarious financial condition," according to a statement.

The independent Postal Regulatory Commission last week approved a temporary bump in the cost of first class postage, raising the price to send a letter from the current 46 cents to 49 cents on Jan. 26.

Omega Seamaster Deville Quartz

"Of the options Fendi Monster Bag On Sale

The Christmas cards Sharon Thomas of Wilmington mailed this year were all hand written, without computer printed envelopes or address labels.

Omega Seamaster Deville Quartz

"I would always send greeting cards by mail," Thomas said.

´╗┐price hike to 49 cents won't bother some in region

and Katina CaraganisAda Rodriguez of Leominster said her family lives all over the country and in Puerto Rico. She speaks to them often on the phone, but said she's Fendi Crossbody Bag

A month from now, the same number of stamps would cost him $39.20.

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